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Why Does My Sound System Hum?


Why Does My Sound System Hum? />
The answer to this question is very simple! Your system doesn't know the words to the song! I love telling that joke... In all seriousness, it is amazing to me how many churches have to deal with buzzing and humming each week. In my personal experience, I would estimate that about 30% of smaller churches with older systems have some sort or noise originating from their sound system. Many of... read more

Problem Solvers and Event Essentials for your Soundman's Toolbox


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Problem Solvers and Event Essentials for your Soundman's Toolbox />
This tool kit is a must-have for every audio professional! Packed with everything you need to fix the most common audio and video problems, the resilient Gator Case bag will stand up to the toughest stage conditions. The included tools ensure that you're prepared for whatever comes your way! read more

600 MHz Auction


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600 MHz Auction />
600 MHz Auction: What Happened? Are You Prepared? The Future of Wireless Microphone Systems With the constant advancement of technology, it’s no surprise that certain public restrictions must take place. As population grows, space becomes limited to operate wirelessly. But where do restrictions end at necessary, and begin to become an interference with every day life? Whatever your vie... read more

Focusing on Lighting Design


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Focusing on Lighting Design />
Lighting is often the last consideration for a church tech team. At first glance it doesn’t seem to take much to throw some lights on the stage and maybe add a little color. However, if you’re not sure what to expect, it can become a little intimidating to dive into the world of lights, dimmers, and lighting consoles for the first time. Lighting can feel like a whole different language, and finding someone who is fluent in it is very uncommon. I recall many people I have trained who would stare at our lighting board and asking me “what the heck is that thing for?” read more

Front of House sound operators need rehearsal too!


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Front of House sound operators need rehearsal too! />
Don't just show up when the service begins, show up when rehearsal begins to get your settings all dialed in. read more

Microphone placement for Choirs


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Microphone placement for Choirs />
Miking the Choir is one of the most challenging tasks for a house of worship audio engineer. Paul Garcia gives us some great tips on how to get it right. read more