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The All Pro Way />
From churches to collegiate performing arts centers, the Pros at All Pro AVL have been developing and building customized Audio, Video, and Lighting packages for nearly 4 decades. With top quality components, careful attention to our client’s needs, and expert execution, All Pro packages are built for both technical and practical longevity. read more

To Re-tune or Not To Re-tune?


To Re-tune or Not To Re-tune? />
Can you recall a time when you desired a simple yes or no answer to a question; yet you got the “it depends” answer? Drives you crazy doesn't it?  Unfortunately, when you ask if you should re-tune your audio system, the real answer is “it depends.” Let’s dig into three reasons that cause your system to become out of tune with the space in which it is used.  read more

Why Does My Sound System Hum?


Why Does My Sound System Hum? />
The answer to this question is very simple! Your system doesn't know the words to the song! I love telling that joke... In all seriousness, it is amazing to me how many churches have to deal with buzzing and humming each week. In my personal experience, I would estimate that about 30% of smaller churches with older systems have some sort or noise originating from their sound system. Many of... read more

5 Points To A Great Outdoor Field Sound System


5 Points To A Great Outdoor Field Sound System />
Whether you are responsible for a baseball field, soccer field, or football field; are your visitors experiencing their expectations? Speaker placement is one of the fundamental considerations when designing an outdoor field system. In many cases, the best way to approach the layout of speakers is to have a single point source. This means... read more

Problem Solvers and Event Essentials for your Soundman's Toolbox


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Problem Solvers and Event Essentials for your Soundman's Toolbox />
This tool kit is a must-have for every audio professional! Packed with everything you need to fix the most common audio and video problems, the resilient Gator Case bag will stand up to the toughest stage conditions. The included tools ensure that you're prepared for whatever comes your way! read more

600 MHz Auction


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600 MHz Auction />
Mark Ellis and Dana Daniel explain the FCC's 600MHz incentive auction, and discuss options for customers with affected wireless systems. read more