From churches to collegiate performing arts centers, the Pros at All Pro AVL have been developing and building customized Audio, Video, and Lighting packages for nearly 4 decades. With top quality components, careful attention to our client’s needs, and expert execution, All Pro packages are built for both technical and practical longevity.

1. The process begins with an attentive evaluation of our client’s wants and needs. Our Pros listen carefully to our client’s desired outcome, intended use, experience, and budget. There are many factors that contribute to the effectiveness of an AVL system, and acquiring this pertinent information first helps us ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We have extensive practical experience in all areas of the AVL world. As moonlighting performers and producers, lighting designers, and musicians, we use the same equipment we sell. This gives us a unique insight into what works, what doesn’t work, and what could yield a better result. Our cumulative years of experience guarantee that our packages are produced with care and knowledge, not just dollars and cents, in mind.

2. Once our Pros have a firm grasp on our client’s requirements, they can begin the process of constructing a quote that includes everything needed for a plug-and-play system. From wireless microphone systems and in-ear-monitoring systems, to full scale video systems, our goal is to save our clients time and money by providing the best components, at the lowest cost, delivered in an easy to use package. We strive to neutralize every possible variable before the physical construction process begins, so that upon delivery, our clients have nothing to worry about save for finding a power outlet.

3. With an approved quote, and if the system requires construction, the project moves to All Pro’s Prefabrication facility. Here, experienced and knowledgeable technicians construct the package in a tidy and efficient environment. Paying careful attention to the interaction between different components, our technicians build, program, and test the package before it is prepared for shipment. The programming process tailors the system to our client’s specific needs and the testing process ensures that all components function properly, once assembled. Completing all these steps helps All Pro maintain a standard of excellence and a reputation for client satisfaction. Our clients are our top priority, and stewarding their trust is imperative to our mutual success.

4. Upon delivery of the system to our client, our Pros are always available to coach our clients on best practices, help with questions, and mitigate unforeseen problems. The package system process is designed to build a relationship between All Pro and our client. Our Pros take this relationship very seriously. For this reason, All Pro has been in the business of helping our clients achieve their goals for nearly 40 years.

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